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Issue 8 'Lost & Found'


F*EMS Zine features visual art and writing by a bunch of awesome women & non-binary cuties. F*EMS acts as a platform to enable voices to be heard and always aims to be as inclusive and accessible as possible.

Issue 8 of F*EMS zine was curated, edited and published by Freya Alexander, Tegan Iversen and Anna MacNeill in July 2017.
This issue has the loose theme of Lost & Found.

Cover Art by Brigit Lambert.
Contributors (in order of appearance in zine):
Brigit Lambert, Bambi Johnson, Freya Alexander, Louise Latter, Eliza Stribling, Vonne Beyer, Madeline McGarvey, Alice Fennessy, Anna MacNeill, Sally Anne Jovic, Monica Renaud, Kelly Robson, Kate Aimers, Lucy Roleff, Devana Senanayake, Eliza Freeman, Isabella Kottek, Chloe Henderson, Kathleen Bowie, Karina Geddes, Marine Fisch, Gemma Mahadeo, Madeleine Wynne, Tegan Iversen, Eliza Quinn, Tanleea, TomboyBill, Ruby Perryman, Elsa Kate, Renée Ledoux, Elaine Fafard-Marconi and Bindy James.