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Issue 5 'Handmade'


FEMS Zine features visual art and writing by a bunch of awesome women & non-binary cuties. FEMS acts as a platform to enable voices to be heard and always aims to be as inclusive and accessible as possible.

Issue 5 of FEMS zine was curated, edited and published by Freya Alexander, Tegan Iversen and Cassandra Martin in August 2016.
This issue has the loose theme of Handmade.

Cover Art by Anna MacNeill.
Contributors (in order of appearance in zine): Anna MacNeill, Jatchi, Holly Heart, Lorèn, Cathy Speed, Maeve Scannell, Jessica Gregory, Hilary Green, April JY Kim, Olivia du Vergier, Brigit Lambert, Annabelle Jarrett, Yippy Whippy, Claudia Phillips, Yolanda Maxwell, Liz Chadwick, Ada Hodgson, Brooke Van Der Linden, Allison Lee Felt, Eve Maxwell, Grace Jarvis, Hayley Martin, Bindy James, Alexis Winter, Prani Harrison, Holly Gregory, Penelope Boyd, Zara Sully, Selina Kiss, Karina Geddes, Sophie Amelia, Cassandra Martin, Catharina Dobal, Martina Fenech, Tayla Nuss-Soeharto, Josephine Mead, Tegan Iversen, Fiona Smith, Rachel Byrne, Esther Carlin, Evrim Șen, Francine Nugent, Freya Alexander, Panayiota, Vonne Beyer and Nessa Finnegan.